Need more controls on stroke customisation


It was not work

Your video literally shows that it works.

@Gleb The strokes they showed on the first post have a dent in them, yours are perfectly square.

@Deep_Shah You cannot create custom ends like that in your stroke from the stroke panel, you would have to draw that shape with the pen tool or by using rectangles and editing them.

Ah, so you think they want the opposite of sharp edges? I thought the original shape is an outlined arrow with sharp corners and a stroke that has bevel angles set like this. Much easier to create it this way instead of using a pen tool manually.

I want to use this effect on a stroke, not a shape, as I previously stated. I appreciate your assistance, however it was ineffective in this instance. I will need to shape my icons before applying the stroke effect. Since Adobe Illustrator will offer these kinds of options, I believe I will need to switch to it in order to finish this.

Duplicate an object, put it into a union, remove the duplicated copy from the union leaving only one object inside and add stroke to the union.

Facing issues in applying this. Can you please share a short video on this? I feel it may works

The steps are super simple, can you try again and let me know what step you are not getting?

How did you apply union to a stroke? I think there is no way to do that. Can you create multiple artboards for each step and share a file so I understand the techniques you used?

means you need to press Cmd + D and then union both (since union can’t be created with one object only)

Got it! Thus, in this instance, we have both controls to control the applied stroke as well as the original path’s stroke.

Yep! Non destructive method. I’m not sure you can do something like this in Illustrator even, I think all methods in Illustrator would be destructive.

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You just have to manage the calculations for your path and stroke. Example: If you want to create an icon with a 1px stroke, you need to give 0.5px to the path and 0.5px to the stroke to manipulate it.