Need help with variable modes

I’m making a website design and I’d like to use variable modes. First of all there will be light and dark modes, which I can make with variables and two modes. But there are multiple brands with different primary colors for buttons and other design elements.

My only solution is right know, to create light and dark modes (light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green…) for all brands, which contains all of the other element colors too, but there are only 4 modes in my current plan.

Is there any way to set those brand specific colors to be switchable like the light and dark modes? Or the only solution is to upgrade my plan to get 40 modes available?

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I also would really like to know if anyone found a workaround/hack for the maximum of 4 modes! I have multiple brands which I need to support. Modes would be great for that, but the magical idea hasn’t popped up yet. Have you found something already?

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