Need help🔥and suggestion from all designers

Hello, :wave: everyone

I started building this new tool ,it will be 100% free-to-use tool with free assets, templates, and icons. Something like an open library for designers.

Should all assets on the website be:

  1. Simple: no auto layout, no variables, no text styles, no components
  2. Complex: with everything, auto layout, variables, text styles, components, etc…

My personal issue with all libraries and UI kits is twofold: they are all complex, heavy, and terrible to use. Therefore, I would prefer option 1. However, I want to make sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Hi Bojan,
I prefer the second one as it saves me time, but perhaps you have seen another customer profile.

For me, it depends.

If your/their team use a specific kind of layout, then it might be better to align with them else, if you’re just creating pixels, then I think having no layout is fine. Personally, it’s better to have auto-layout or any layout so it’s responsive.

As for variables and text styles, I think that’s optional. After all, designers would most likely to override it.

Hmm, opinions seem to be totally diverse 50 / 50 …