Need Advice on Scaling and Managing a Complex Project in Figma

Hello, Figma Community!

I’m currently working on a complex project in Figma, akin to a constructor, and I’m seeking advice on how to scale and manage it effectively. My goal is to organize the project into several interconnected files for efficiency and better memory management.

At the moment, my setup involves a primary file containing all pages, which I’ve turned into a library. Additionally, I’ve manually created four more files within the project, transferring elements from the primary file and linking them to this library. However, this manual process is time-consuming, and I’m looking for a more streamlined approach.

My main challenge is duplicating and adapting this project for different clients while maintaining all the links and components between the files. I need guidance on:

  1. Efficiently splitting a large project into multiple files without losing the interconnections between components and pages.
  2. Duplicating the entire project setup for different clients, ensuring all components and their relationships are preserved across the various files.
  3. Tools or features within Figma that could simplify this process, reducing the need for manual copying and adjustments.

I aim to maintain a structured and interconnected system that allows for easy customization and scalability for different client needs.

Thanks in advance for your help and insights!