Need advice about variables

I’m very excited about the possibilities that variables seem to open, but found myself struggling to implement a few things I tried. I’ve watched the sessions from ConFig, as well as the videos on Figma’s YouTube channel, but am still stuck on a few things. I’m wondering if I’m trying to do things that aren’t yet possible, or if I simply don’t know how to use them correctly?

I have an overlay with 5 troubleshooting buttons (all variants of the same component), which also has a “Submit” button. All five troubleshooting buttons have a default state, and a “pressed” state (I set up all 10 variants). When a user clicks on one of the troubleshooting buttons, I’d like to:
a. Swap the state of a troubleshooting button from “default” to “pressed”
b. Swap the state of any other troubleshooting button that is currently pressed from “pressed” to “default”
c. Customize text strands and an image in the next overlay according to the troubleshooting button the user selected

Until now, I would have created 6 versions of the overlay (a default one, and one for each of the pressed troubleshooting buttons). But I’m wondering, is there a way to consolidate all into one wireframe and accomplish a,b,c above using variables?