My 'interface' interactions don't maintain consistency when converted into components to use for an overlay

I am making a friends list overlay, when I make the interactions before converting into components the friends list functions correctly. This being said, however, does not remain the case when I make the friends list (separate frames>components> to variants of the main friends list frame>) It seems to hold it’s interactions with some minor deviations. I feel it’s possible that the interactions that aren’t maintaining correctly are because of prototype settings from a main component, but I really have no clue. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Lucas!
Thanks for reaching out to the community! To cover some basics, please check our guide how to create overlays in your prototype here:

Feel free to share a quick screenshot or video recording, so the community can try to replicate it. This will help us to better visualize what you intend to do.
If you are hesitant to share your file, feel free to reach out directly our support team here: