My calibration is not showing?

Good day. how can i make my ruler bar to be active. i mean those calibration in the Figma app that helps align your design properly i can’t find mine. What do i d pls??

Hi Chibuike!
In order to enable the ruler, please click on Figma logo Capture d’écran 2023-11-01 à 14.48.47 to open the main menu.

  1. Go to View > Rulers.

You can also enable rulers by using the keyboard shortcut Shift + R.

More information about how to add guides here: Hope it helps!

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Thanks. I have done it

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Good day. Please how do i go about using a mockup in my design?
Like i want to use a laptop and phone mockup, i have downloaded the mock up but i don’t know how to put my design in my laptop and phone mock up and then adiing it to my main desgin. please how do i go about it?

You’re welcome Chibuike! Do you mean the Device Frames? This can help you to control how your prototype looks in presentation view. You can read this Help Center article:

To select a specific device in your presentation view: when you select your Frame, go on your Prototype tab (in the right panel), click “Show prototype settings”, and select the device.

And, If you want to create a frame with a specific format device: You can click on the Frame icon (on the top left), and you will see in the right panel, in Prototype tab, a selection of device.

When i select my font and i want to change it to semibold but my Figma app is only showing me “regular” and “bold”. Why is that?
And i can’t only use regular and bold. Please how can i solve this problem??

Hi Chibuike,
This seems to be another issue not related to the topic. I’d recommend you to try to reinstall the font , restart Figma, and clear the cache to see if that helps, here the steps to clear the cache:

Here’s our guide to help you manage missing fonts and some workarounds:

As reminder, here are a few causes for missing fonts:

  • Missing installed fonts: collaborators are using a local font, which you don’t have installed.
  • Conflicting versions: collaborators are using a different (older or newer) version of the font.
  • Missing font styles: Either the style was missing from a download, or you are using a different version of the font which doesn’t include that weight or style.

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest you to reach out directly the support team here:

I don’t mean missing fonts. What i meant is that when i select a font like ‘monda’ and i don’t what it to be either “BOLD” or “REGULAR” maybe semi bold or light bold. but all i can see is Bold and Regular which is not suppose to be. i can’t be using only Bold and Regular. Do you understand?

Thank you for giving more details about your issue. After checking for “Monda”, it’s exact that we have only bold and regular natively on Figma. If you want semi bold or light bold, I’d suggest you to install in your local fonts. Here the steps to do it in the browser and in the desktop app:

Also i can’t even find my boolean operation button i.e the subtract selection or intesect selection. How can i solve this problem???

Hey again Chibuike,
Please refers to this help center article about Boolean operation: Hope this helps!

This is not what i meant​:weary::weary:. The problem is that when i create a rect. with a corner radius of 30, and i want to use the boolean operation it doesn’t show ontop of my Figma app. Even when i went to object to use one of the boolean operation it seems to be not active, when i click on one of the boolean operation it doesn’t respond. Do you get it now???

Can you please share a quick video recording (or screenshot) of the different steps you’ve made so we can replicate on our end? It will help me to better visualise your issue. Please include the whole window, with the properties and layers panels in view and relevant layers expanded, and select any layers you’re having trouble with so we can check any relevant settings.

From what I understand, you’d need to create two shapes (for instance: two rectangles), select both of them so that the boolean operation can appear.

In the meantime, as recommendation, in order to cover some basics, please refer to this guide: as explained. This article includes a video that gives details of how to use boolean operation:

As a reminder, if you have any other questions not related to the thread, please create another thread and precise your question in the title of your topic for the community. So others in the community can have a better look at your questions!

As you can see when i created a two rectangles am suppose to see the boolean operations button on top of the Figma app

And in the second image when i went to the object and boolean groups, the operations are not active. Do you get it now???

Thank you for the screenshot Chibuike. Please select the two shapes at the same time so the boolean operation can work.
Here the screenshot:

ok.But if i don’t want to use the two rectangles i.e if i want to use only one rectangle does it mean that the boolean operations won’t work???

Like this???
Because i really need the boolean operations to be active in only one items

Yes, you need to have two shapes.
As explained, please check this video that cover some basics to use boolean operations: