Multitouch Feature Requests

I’m prototyping a piece of music making hardware, with certain functions being triggered by combination button presses. I’m using a the iOS companion app to test out interactions, and I thought I could use a combination of variables and if/else conditions to register button combinations. But I’m running into a problems, as it doesn’t appear the Figma prototypes support multitouch?


Button1 is a shift button, and I have it setup so my boolean variable ‘Shift’ is set to ‘true’ on touch down, and ‘false’ on touch up. In other words, ‘Shift’ should be true while I press Button1, and that works fine.

Button2 is a mode selection button, that should activate one mode when pressed, and another if Button1 is held. Button2 works fine enough on its own, but nothing happens if I’m simultaneously holding down Button1.

This indicates to me that Figma prototypes only supports one touch input at a time. Is this true, or am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried googling it, but I can’t find specific confirmation one way or the other.

As Figma starts supporting more and more advanced prototyping, multitouch seems like a must for many types of advanced applications.

Hey @Ben_Byriel - at the moment, we don’t natively have the infrastructure in place within variables to achieve what you’re looking for. Improving and providing more defined features is something that is being continuously worked on, though.

With that said, I modified/retitled your topic to note that that this overall becomes feedback on what to add next. Please feel free to add any additional notes you have here as a reply as well.