Multiple fixed background images

I am creating an app that is a “roadmap”. It’s divided into four sections. With each section I want a different fixed background image. I see how to scroll over single fixed background but not able to pinpoint how to have the background change to another fixed image at a certain scroll point?

You could set multiple images as “Sticky” as long as each subsequent image was above the previous. While this employs auto layout, the images are absolutely positioned to get them below on the z.

I don’t think it’s possible :thinking: for the currently fixed image to scroll again after sticking, so we’re left with the next image scrolling over it.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll try to do this :slight_smile:

Sorry to bug you, can you please explain how you accomplished this?

The link to the file is above; you can see everything there. I added a second one that does not use auto layout. As I said earlier, use “Sticky” and absolutely position the images so they’re below the content on the z-axis.