Multi edit - Bring back shift+drag for regular add to selection

With the new multi edit updates if you have something selected and then shift+drag over other items, it now only selects matching items, not everything you have dragged over.

While this is a useful feature, I rely on shift+drag to add other items to a selection all the time. It does still allow for shift+click to add to the selection but I rely on the drag to select a lot of things.

This has completely broken my usual workflows!

I feel the multi edit matching select should be a different short cut like shift+command+drag.

It definitely has its place in the product but personally I feel it is no where near as useful/common as just regularly adding to a selection.


I share the exact same feelings! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I also rely on the common pattern of shift+drag to select items. I think having the button “Select matching layers” and its shortcut is already sufficient enough.

As much as shift+drag is useful for select matching layers, I think shift+drag to select any item may be a more common use case.


yeah exactly! the option+command+A is already there, no need for shift+drag too


I also use it to help deselect items I never meant to select and now I can’t do that :frowning: Now I have to go and painfully select each individual item because I can’t deselect the items that aren’t meant to be selected


+1 for shift+command+drag :arrow_up:

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