Multi-edit breaks workflows to select a subset of nested objects in a component

Previously, when working in a component you could select an object, then press the “+” under the selected object to select all similar objects within the component. However, they were all individually selected. Importantly, this allowed you to then use a selection box with shift+click+drag to de-select a subset of those objects. This was an efficient flow for selecting a subset that needed some change for different variants.

For example, after designing the various states (enabled, hovered, focused, etc.) for a button at the normal size variant, one could copy everything to a small size variant. Then, select an inner layer that constrained size, select all of those layers at once, de-select the versions that would remain normal (so only the new small versions are selected), and bulk update the size constraints.

This is admittedly a suboptimal flow when there were many dimensions to consider that required variants (style, size, configuration, etc.), but it worked well enough. The new multi-edit makes for a cool demo, but I find very very limiting for the kinds of bulk updates I’ve used more often than not when working on components (there’s more value in multi-edit further up the chain when working on mocks). In my experience (and I’ve been using Figma since it was in early public beta), it’s far more common to select a subset to modify as part of a new variant group than select every variant within a component.

Is there some way to subset a selection in multi-edit that I’m missing? Or, is this a missing critical feature when working on components?

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I see… you can still accomplish this using the shortcut cmd+opt+a. It’s just the affordance has been removed from both the top contextual tools and selection surface. So, this is a discoverability issue more than anything else. That’s far less critical than I thought this morning.