Multi-Dropdown Menus in a component intended to be a Sidebar Menu

It might be the first time that I’m having that much trouble on a prototype but I have been having issues lately with a particular example and I wanted to know if it’s only a bug or if there is a way to fix the issue and i’m missing a detail there.

On a project, I’m working on recreating a sidebar menu with multiple dropdowns menus in it.
Once the main dropdown elements is finished, i’m creating an auto layout which contains multiple dropdown elements.
Everything is working fine until I’m trying to transform this auto layout into a component.
Suddenly the dropdown menus didn’t work at all while it was in the same auto layout seconds ago.

Link for the video explaining my problem (recorded on my pc this morning) :

I have already tried to recreate everything, and it still do the same thing…

Here is the link for the file :

If anyone got an answer or can help me, I would be pleased to hear it.

Thank you