Moving Elements By Keyboard Keys Issue

I bought a new laptop and trying to work in Figma app.
The video with is issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

The step to reproduce:

  1. select an element by clicking on it
  2. press left or right arrow on your keyboard and try to move element in such way. keep button pressed in 5 seconds for example
    on this step you could see that the element looks like it sticks and I can’t move it anymore untill I unpressed the button and press it one more time. such problens happend on the pretty the same length of pressing

I’m using Windows 11 operation system. The laptop brand is MSI

I also turn off “sticky keys” functionality for some period, but it looks it didn’t help me

I test such functionality into the browser Figma verion,the result is the same.

I also checked this design for another computer. The issue wasn’t reproduced there (it was Asus laptop with Linux on it, tested the browser version)

Please, could you help me with the issue. Maybe you will recommend to change some app or operation system settings. Let me know
Looking forward hearing from you. Thanks!