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In general I’m a guy who loves to have everything organised in my design files. And since copying design elements and components destroys links with some components that I want to move, I’m using “Move to page” very frequently.

A minor, but still annoying problem is that when I use “Move to page”, the design elements are moved, but then I have to go to that page myself and search for those elements myself to place them in the correct position. And I have no idea where those elements got moved to, especially if there’s a loooot of stuff in that page.

Even bigger drawback is when those elements are dropped on top of something else that was in that spot. It’s impossible to select the right ones and move them aside.

There could be couple of solutions to this:

  • Either make the moved items already selected when I go to that page myself after moving them;
  • Or even better - drop me together with those items to that page and have them selected at the same time so I can continue placing them in the right spot.

Community people, how are you dealing this? Am I the only neat-freak that is slightly annoyed by this?


Objects keep the same X and Y position when moving between pages. So it might feel as if they are dropped in at random but they’re not. But it is un-intuitive.

As for solutions I think both of your proposed ones have problems that won’t work for everybody.

My own proposals would be to either:

  1. Make it possible to set up landing frames so you could tell Figma to “Move to page > Components frame” for example and Figma would place it in that frame wherever there’s space for it.
  2. Highlight moved objects that persists until they’ve been selected. Kinda how Miro highlights newly added stuff since your last visit. Maybe an indicator could show how many objects have moved and clicking on it cycles you to the next object.

Or maybe even a combination of the two.

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Oh that’s a good observation! It has been driving me nuts that it puts the moved items yay-away.

My solution has been to make the parent artboard huge and eye-searing red, so when I Shift+1 I can find it.

Ideally for me I’d like it to handle like Sketch, by just placing it next to the last artboard on that page. Now, if it gets paired with how Miro handle new additions, that’d be really nice.

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