Move pages to another Figma file

This would help me organise (merge, divide, archive) files. This would in turn make files more approachable for team members (and clients). It may also go some way to decreasing load times too.

It might also reduce anxiety around potentially loosing connections between properties components etc.

While it is possible to copy/paste content from one document to another but if you do

  • links to frames will break
  • background colours are lost
  • comments are lost
  • history is lost
  • there’s no record (in history, say) of what you did e.g. ‘Danny moved page ‘Signage’ to file ‘All artwork’.‘
  • you get an unpredictable mix of local and external styles

Also, you have to manually create and name destination pages one at a time.

You want to be able to select a bunch of pages and move them all at once.

Inspired by this post Move a page from one Figma file to another