Move multiple nodes at once in Mind Map mode

In the new mindmap mode, I can’t select multiple nodes and move them to another node at once, moreover I can’t cut and paste them to another node


Hey there, sorry for the frustration!

This is a known limitation/expected behavior right now, but it’s already on our team’s radar for future improvement. We’ve updated your topic to a feature request to gauge overall interest in this capability from the community.

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This seems like a table stakes feature for making Mind Maps useful. Mind Maps were the one thing missing for me in FigJam, and resulted in consideration of other tools. While it’s awesome to have, when building any mind map of meaningful size, not being able to copy and paste into different sections, or move multiple items at once becomes incredibly limiting.

Is there a way to get a sense for when this might be prioritized or added to a future release? Trying to decide if another tool is going to be best for this. Thanks!

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@dvaliao , any progress on copy/pasting issues in mindmaps?

Nothing yet. With only 1 vote from the team isn’t prioritizing this right now.

Ok, its 2 votes now.