Mouse Enter and other mouse interactions not detected anymore while scrolling

It seems that a few weeks ago, with the latest updates, the mouse interactions ceased to be active while a user is scrolling.

This is quite problematic as, first of all, it should be an option (do we want to have all hover active while scrolling?). Second, this opened the door to a lot of tricks, like going seamlessly from one page to another and activate something within the page.

There certainly is a reason for such a change, which is unfortunately not documented anywhere to my knowledge. Would it be possible to bring back that feature or at least if it’s deactivated by default have to possibility to make it active ?

Some of our prototypes now don’t live to their full potential because of this.

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Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion. There’s been a change in how the mouse move works since November 16th. You can check out the details here:

It doesn’t look like you can deactivate them.

Could you take a look at them? If you have any questions, we’re happy to support so please feel free to post again.


Thanks @y_toku
I was aware of those changes i made a post asking for this a few months back.

My question is different though : there’s no triggering (anymore) of mouse events while we scroll in a page. We have to stop scrolling to be able to activate mouse event triggers.

It is the same for any other mouse events : while hovering…

As an example :
This should let you go from the page on the left to the page on the right as you scroll.
Now it only works if you stop scrolling and go over the reactive section.

hello @y_toku
First of all happy new year.

Do you have any news regarding as to the reason why hover are not active anymore while we scroll in a page. This is a major change that brings a lot of limitations to what’s possible regarding prototyping.

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We also have this problem and it’s dramatic for us because this interaction allowed us to trigger scroll animations… We used this trick to create immersive prototypes.

This change is really blocking us, I’ve already opened a ticket about it but I don’t have any answer…

Please allow us to find at least one alternative :pray:

@Frederic_Fornini In the meantime, I’ll share a temporary tip with you. We’ve noticed that when you’re disconnected from your Figma account, in a private browser for example, the mouse enter works without a hitch when you scroll down the page.


I agree with others here, and this should be reverted. I also see that the new behavior now applies to “While hovering” as well; it no longer works during scroll.

As @Arnaud_Caudal pointed out, it does work when using the prototype logged out; rather strange.

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Thanks all for your feedback. I shared your voices with our internal team. Really appreciate your honest feedback.

Hi @Frederic_Fornini @Arnaud_Caudal @IraX ,

After considering your insightful feedback, our product team has decided to roll back the changes. We’ve already implemented the fix, and it should be functioning as it did previously. However, if you have any more questions or notice anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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@y_toku Thank you, i’ve witnessed the modifications.
That’s great to have interactions back while scrolling.

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@y_toku Thank you so much for considering our request!

Thanks also to @Frederic_Fornini for creating this topic and @IraX for supporting this request.

And by the way, happy new year to you :partying_face:

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