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More font size options

It would be nice to be able to have more control over font size. Right now it seems to be locked to four predefined text styles, but sometimes I want to be able to have very large text that is readable when zoomed out and vice versa.

Also, having the ability to arbitrarily scale the text size up and down by grabbing the bounding box would be very handy.


The size of the title weight is a bit too small - perhaps the ability to scale.

And Roboto isn’t that nice a font - perhaps a couple of alternatives

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I’ve been using gliffy and canva and I’m definitely used to being able to have a lot more font options as far as sizes. sizes is my number one ask, next being fonts and stuff but SIZES is a huge one. those three given are not enough for me.

The difference between the normal and subheading font size is huge. Please add 2-3 intermediate fonts after body text -to- subheading.

I hope the text is resize-able rather than fixed size. I see the value in fixed size within the sticky notes but not for creating the workshop info.

It would really appreciate more flexibility with fonts and font sizes as well as colors.

+1 - Let us resize font size and sticky notes. One of the reasons we as a team still can’t use Figjam over Miro.

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Hey All,

We heard your feedback. You can now mix different text sizes in the same text box, sticky note, and shape in FigJam! Learn more here.

Thanks but that’s not really what I was asking for.

Right now it seems to be locked to four predefined text styles

There are still only four font sizes to choose from. What I think is needed is either a longer list of available font sizes or arbitrarily scalable text. Right now a board is locked to just one scale which may work for some use cases but it is too limiting for my needs. For now I can’t justify switching from Miro and my team agrees.