Mixed state checkbox

Looking for some help with variables. I’m creating a table list as below. I want it to show as mixed when some, but not all of the documents are selected. But be able to toggle all documents on or off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I want to use a selection of another layer to change a component between states that do not have a strict true / false option.

Hey Tara, thank you for reaching out! I am just trying to recreate this. I’ll come back to your if I have found a good workaround.

I manage to get something working, but it is incredibly complex. I ended up adding two booleans for the component. One for selected, one for mixed.

There were 2 forum questions a while back around checkboxes that I put together some examples that may help.

Example 1 - Select all + counter
Example 2 - Enable/disable checkboxes


With some of the recent updates to Figma, I’m able to set a “none” state using strings. with mixed and all variants.

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