Missing font dialog pops up when pasting anything on artboard

Hi all

Experiencing a persistent issue - I see an old topic with the same issue has been closed, but its exactly what is happening to me so I thought I would revive it.

A week ago I tried to paste text using a font I do not have. I aborted when I realized that. But ever since, every time I paste anything at all, the large missing fonts dialog pops up asking what font I want to replace with. I’m pasting all sorts of things, nothing to do with fonts.

It is pretty distracting and has to be manually closed every time, without having an obvious way to dismiss it permanently.

Anyone got any clue how to resolve?

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I am having the exact issue as well. No matter what I paste the dialog box for missing fonts pops-up. Driving me crazy.

In the end I got rid of it by selecting a font to replace the missing one - - which was basically apples font which I didn’t have.

It got rid of the problem except it then messed up some of my designs where that font was used in apple components … so maybe that’s a solve for you… just be aware of the knock on effect.

Hope that helps

I experience the same in one document. Other users working with said document too: Missing font modal pops up when opening the document and every time when pasting anything, no matter what. In my case the issue went away (at least in duplicates of the original document) after deleting one particular page. The page in question was one of the crazier and heavier ones in the document with lots of different fonts being used, so unfortunately couldn’t narrow it down further to a particular font or frame or something like that.