Missing elements while presenting


I’ve been working on this hi-fi prototype but when I click to present and testing it, the bike picture and how to… parts are missing.
Here is a link: https://www.figma.com/file/mE5u6tkpo5OoGa2I7eLHxp/Hi-fi-prototype-(Revised)?node-id=1%3A311&t=zeef5hDXrYl535JC-1

Hi @Muhammed_Semih_Kundakci ,
I try to replicate and I can see the “how to…” and the logo missing, see above:

Could you please share a screen recording? It will help us to see which part we are missing.

I solved the problem by adding the missing elements to the frame. They were out of the frame.


Ah ok! Glad to hear you fix it!