Minimize or hide toolbar

Hi, is it possible to minimize the toolbar to get a larger screen real estate? I’m using FigJam on MBP 15" and the toolbar takes quite some space.

Maybe we can 1-click minimize or hide it from view? Is it also possible to move the toolbar to the left or right side panel?

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You can’t minimize it but you can show/hide the UI. Just right click on a blank spot in the canvas and select Show/Hide UI.


The dock is currently very large and taking up some significant space on the canvas. Can we have an option to change the dock size or just make it smaller from the beginning? The marker and sticky illustrations are cute, but overall not necessary. Icons would be fine.

How can I minimize the bottom bar ? Its covering up the comments scrollbar and I can’t leave a comment. Or can I change the size of the comments box, move it around, etc?

Thank you - that was very useful! I looked for option on the Toolbar itself and on the main Menu > View; and didn’t think to look on the open canvas.

Seems like a small thing, but it I was blocked from being able to respond to team questions on a comment thread because the Comment UI was blocked by the toolbar.

I am using Figma on iPad Pro, its UI is totally hide. How can I make it visible?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this! As of our latest update, you can now hide the FigJam toolbar with the shortcut "cmd + " or through the quick actions menu.