Merge / Flatten multiple color fills

I use custom color swatches with multiple fill colors and blend modes, to produce the final color that I want. And I save these swatches as color styles.

The problem is that mutiple color fills will be saved as-is, and any blend modes will affect the outcome when used on overlapping elements - while instead, I needed to use the final resulting color.

Could you please add a feature to merge/flatten mutiple color fills? I’d understand if it would only work for solid colors - though, conceptually, I can visualize this for gradients and images as well.

The merging should result in a single color fill, with all blend modes and opacities from the upper colors projected onto the bottom-most color.
The bottom-most color gets to keep it’s blend mode and opacity settings - though I would be fine with loosing those, similar to how a color picker would work.

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