Memory Size Insanity

I don’t really know what to call this, but I have been making some really concerning observations regarding memory size.

So, there I was working on a project, when suddenly I am told I’m running low on memory? Strange I thought, cause this project was not really that big. So I decided to mess around and suddenly made some extremely concerning observations.

  1. If I grouped up multiple polygons/parts then file/memory size would shoot up by 2-3% but NOT go back down if I ungrouped or CTRL + Z the action.
  2. If I deleted every single board and frame, leaving me with a completely blank project, then I would have 39% memory size still, after that fact.
  3. Viewing different version histories would also randomly shoot up my memory size.

Is this addressed anywhere? It seems extremely non-sensical. If there is some cache that is getting bloated, then why is there no feature to flush it?

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@Banana_Woof I agree with the sentiment of this memory behavior being strange, but I’m not quite sure what it could be attributed to.

It sounds like this is a specific file you’re working with, but are you noticing these types of memory issues across multiple ones?

One culprit may be having a single icon component used as a library element to hold all icons rather than each icon as an individual component and using instance swapping.

Ran into this on a file when switching over to Figma. Relatively simple files but the icon library component had multiple sizes and colors as variants of each icon. That was then nested as needed in components like cards with multiple instances.

Our simple card grids started taking up lots of memory because the icon library was making every instance exponentially larger.

Hope that helps, it was a painful lesson late in our project.

After some more testing, I have concluded that a big chunk of the memory size bloating up was in fact adding “stroke” to my text. The project is very much text heavy and not image heavy.

However, this does not answer for point 2. where the memory size would remain high even if I deleted everything. I can also copy an entire Frame and then delete it, only to paste a few times and then “bloat” up my project to insane levels of memory size, despite nothing new actually being added.

This would suggest that there is some kind of memory leak/bloat in the version of Figma that im using and I cant seem to share which cause I cant find any version number. I have tested this behavior across three projects now, and it can be achieved by all of them.

Got it – this does sound buggy, but I’m not going to be able to replicate or test this out via the forum; It does sound like there are some specifics in your instance that are causing the memory issues, and I would definitely encourage you to file a support ticket (you can refer to this forum topic to note the details instead of having to type everything up again).

You can file that here: