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Maximum Image Size

I often use Miro to create a Mood Board for a project. I would love to do it in Figma but I can’t do it because of the current image limitations. The screenshots get very blurry when I paste into FigJam. The same happens in Figma.

Hi Ederson,

This might be expected if you’re also seeing it in Figma.

Can you share a file with an example of this issue?

Hi Daren,

This is an old file (pre FigJam). I had created a mood board for a project I was working on. I pasted screenshots from other websites into the project.

As you can see, you can really read some of the images because they are very blurry. The images get compacted when you paste them into the project.

Mood Boards are an important part of the design process but at the moment we can’t use FigJam or Figma for that.

Hey Ederson,

I’m going to file an issue so our team can investigate and determine whether this is a bug.

Can you tell me more about how these images were screenshotted and pasted into Figma? Did you use a specific tool?

Hi Darren, this is not particularly a bug but rather a limitation.

The link above states that: “We will downsize any Images with a width or height larger than 4096 pixels. This will scale the image’s original dimensions proportionally, so the longest edge is less than 4096 pixels.”

The problem is that many website screenshots will be bigger than 4096px. Ideally, that limit would be increased - at least on Figjam - to something bigger.

I currently use Awesome Screenshot to capture the full page and then drag it into the canvas.