Manage dev-mode as team owner

With the new dev-mode, a new permission has been introduced. But unlike the other permissions, this one is not manageable by the team/file owner.

This is very annoying as in our company of 50+ designers and hundreds of viewers, admins can not keep the overview of each single individual user.

My expectation would be to have an entry “dev-mode” in the team member permissions table:


+1, our developers do not need or want edit access!! please fix Figma!


+1, I don’t understand how this works in real world. Developers can delete design or elements because they don’t know how works Figma edit mode? This more confusing Figma update ever.


+1, fully agree with this. Our developers and QA do not want edit access, or to have to “turn on” dev mode every time they enter a file. A “dev-mode only” access level at the team and file level would be super helpful for us.