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Make Slices selectable with a click (again)

Since 19 of nov. 2020 I can´t use my mouse to select a slice, only possible from the layers menu.
After making a slice with a padding around a layer, I can´t select the slice using my mouse so I can move them, only the layers inside move.
I have tried both Chrome, Firefox, and desktop, same,
I have tried to get in touch with support via mail since nov 2020, but no answer at all to any of the emails.
Am I the only one that have that problem?

A lot of people have this problem so I moved and renamed your topic so others with the same issue can vote for this to be implemented.

Regarding support, it’s weird that you are not getting any replies. Check out this link to see your tickets, maybe they are sent to spam in your email? cc @KatieLee


Thanks for the reply:-)

Ok, so I wasn´t the only one, good to know:-)

Yes it suddenly stopped working the 19 of nov last year, I think it happened at the same time the auto layout was implemented
Yes strange if you have sent emails, nothing in spam either, and no answers when I check the tickets like this one:#310594

Thanks and have a nice day

Hi :wave: Thanks for reporting this here! Our engineers have this issue under investigation, and I’ve linked this post there so they can keep track of users affected by this. Once resolved you should see it noted in our Release Notes.
Due to a higher-than-average number of inbound conversations, the wait time on replies for Starter Users is quite long for issues not blocking you from using Figma— we appreciate your understanding here. Where possible, we encourage you to post here in the forum where our community can help. Thanks!

  • 1 this is a stupid bug that needs fixing - it makes cutting and pasting slices a right pain. Asset export is a key feature of the production side of design. This feature voting system is also broken nobody know these requests are sitting here unvoted for.