Make search better

It’s hard to find relevant files with the current search.

Hey Jonatan, thank you for your feedback. Can you clarify why it’s hard to find relevant files? This will help to share more insight to our internal team. Thank you!

I’m also experiencing this. I did a search using the term ‘conversations app’ with the results were sorted by relevance. The file I need is called ‘Conversations app’, so you’d think it would be the first result, but it was the 34th result.

I have a feeling that this is because the file hasn’t been modified for 2 years, and search prioritises files that have been recently modified even when you’re sorting by relevance.

To me this just doesn’t make sense. If I wanted to see recently modified files, I would sort them by recently modified.

It can be really confusing and sometimes makes me think I’m misremembering the name of the file.