Make plugins easy to uninstall again

Here is the use case: I am looking for a plugin to draw user flows. I try a couple of them until I find one that I like. Now everytime I want to use it I have to scroll through a list of all the plugins that I tried (and some that I really hated) to find that one plugin that worked.

Needless to say, there are plugins that install color palettes or custom styles in your file, so I’m forced to live with all this clutter unless I erase local storage. Please, plugin management was working fine a year ago. Why fix something that was already good and intuitive?

P.S: Searching for plugins in the community page also has room for improvement. It is slow and sometimes it says there are no results before actually displaying results.

Hey Ricardo, thanks for your feedback here. The change here is that we moved from the idea of installing plugins just saving them so there’s no longer a need to uninstall or remove them. You can un-save them though so they don’t show up in your recents and saved. With that being said, still appreciate this view and will pass this along to the team. Thanks!