Make Exported .PDF Files With Editable Text For Accessibility Purposes

It would be great :pray:

I just tested MKitFPDF and my exported PDF (Export frames as PDF) was readable by Mac Preview app. Thank you!


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+1, crucial feature. Not only for accessibility, but for students as well. As a UX student, I am required to submit thematic analysis posters and other documents that have OCR enabled. If I had not looked up if this were the case, I would’ve lost marks.
I think even when submitting resumes it might be a big factor. As all resume scanners might not pick up the text like that.

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+1 Yes please !

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Yes, please FIGMA make your PDF accessible. I don’t want to have to go back to creating a PDF in InDesign.

+1 :pray:t4: maybe we can see this in the following thursdays? :sweat_smile:

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Please Figma Please

Just created this resume template and wanted to export, but it did not work :sob:

I hope this helps. But we need this feature please!

Great idea!

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Extremely important feature - should actually be a standard feature.


Really needing this feature for accessibility readers.

I have exported your portfolio with our plugin MKitFPdf and it has worked so far.
However, I can’t find the font you used anywhere
“Figtree Light” as Black,Bold,Light,…, there is only “Figtree”, is this a private font?

I am not OP but figtree font family is available here Figtree - Google Fonts

We need this feature!!

We need this feature!!

+1 for unflattened PDFs. :smiling_face_with_tear:

+1 agree! Please enable editable text for exports. It would be a game changer.

Had this problem recently. The long way around it is to export each page as .svg then import them into Adobe Illustrator and then only save out the .pdf

I had multiple pages across 10 pdfs but I made it :slight_smile:

Just make sure to uncheck “Outline Text”

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