Make collection name searchable

It seems really odd to make that the collection name for variable is not include when looking for variables:


The reason that vertical-padding shows up is because in the description of the variable, I added button. This is at least a workaround to this issue but having to do that for each variable is annoying and easily forgettable


I feel the same way about this. Not being able to easily discover the name of the collection that the Variable is in, makes it harder to search for the correct Variable. The same happens with my developer coworkers: they get a JSON token file, based on Variables in Collections, but the collection name in the Figma spec (both in Design Mode and Dev Mode) is left out. Both for me as a designer and my coworkers as developers this is a bit of a pain.

I think that instead of path/to/variable it is an easy addition to add the collection name to the display of the name of the variable, like this: <COLLECTION>/path/to/variable.

Agree with this. Variables in JSON should match the Figma variable name.
I use the collection name to specify the token category, so currently what developers get in JSON is color.background.strong but appears in Figma as background/strong