Make calcul in Figma

Hey everyone,

I have a specific question. I’m trying to make an app for me and my friends, for that I have to make some calcul, I have a list of sentence, each sentence is equal to a certain number, I’ve add all of that with Airtable on Bravo. So I have my list and the goal is that if someone click on a sentence for exemple “I like trees”, this sentence is equal to 5, that person can see in his account page that he have 5 points, and if he click on an other sentence that is equal to 3, he can see that he have 8 points on his account. How can I make that possible ?


This will need to be implemented in the real app or in other tools. Figma doesn’t have any logic tools that allow you to dynamically change values in the prototype. You can prototype the app in Figma but it will not function like the real app.

Thanks! So I have to rebuild the entire app in another tool or once the app is finished in Figma I can migrate the project to another app?

Figma is not a development tool, even though you can put together some very advanced prototypes that may actually cover all the requirements of an application (first thing that comes to mind: tic-tac-toe).

In figma you can simulate a calculation by creating a series of frames you can animate to give the impression that it’s working, but that’s it.

For example you can create a calculator screen, add an interaction to the “2” button that will move you to a screen where you show the same calculator with “2” showing in the screen and an interaction on the “+” button to go to the next screen (and so on) but there’s no way you can actually script it.

The application itself will have to be developed, to give you a quick example, in a language like JavaScript and with an actual front-end.

Check out the Airfig plugin. It has the ability to populate and update Figma views with Airtable data.