Make a change to a master component without affecting the used instances within mockups

I a am working on a design system, I want to update a list item by adding a tooltip icon next to it. However several instances of this component are already used in the mockups. If I add the i icon to the master component with a boolean property. will this show in all places in my mockups and I’ll have to go turn it off one by one?
Is the only solution, hiding it from the master component?

Hey Yara, when you make changes to the main component, Figma will apply any changes you apply to any linked instances.

If you are using instances within the same file as your main components, Figma applies changes immediately. If the components are published to a library, you need to publish those changes to see those updates in subscribed files. I guess you could detach the instances.

yes they are in a different file, but my question was more about maintaining this design system,
if I already created a component and used it in another file in multiple places. Then I noticed that I need to add to it an element. The only way is to set this element property to False on the main component, Because if not I will have to go turn it off one by one in the mockup files.