Mac desktop app won't load projects

Mac M1 Max / Ventura
Figma 116.13.3

Tried multiple times, including after rebooting Mac. The blue loader creeps across the top to the right and stops at this state:

Then after a few minutes:

Nothing on the status page. “Refresh” creates the same result.

Anyone else seeing this?

Mine is doing the exact same thing. Anyone know how to fix it?

Yes, this exact thing has been happening to me this morning. I installed a Figma update this morning. That’s the only thing that’s changed on my end since yesterday

Figma 116.13.3
MacOS Ventura 13.6

Happened to me this morning too. This was before updating to the latest version of Figma.

Restarting my computer did the trick though.

Hi all, thank you for reporting this. Our engineering team has pushed a fix for this issue. Please refresh Figma to ensure that you are using the fixed version. If you continue to experience the issue, please let us know and we will flag it down for further investigation.