Looping marquee animation effects hover (runs slow) on a separate element

Hi there,

I have a component that when hovered over, the background blurs and hidden text content slides up. This works fine and can be seen in this example if you scroll down the page to the image with a palm tree.

However, if I introduce my looping marquee text component (which I disabled on the first example) to the the same page you can see that when the image is hovered over the transition is very, very slow. This is example is on the 1st artboard of the same link but here is a direct link to that artboard for ease.

Is this just a case of because I’m always running an animation the other components are effected and there’s nothing that can be done about it? Or could I optimise this in some way?

You can see the small Figma file here if you want to see what this is made up of.


Sorry the link to version where the hover doesn’t work is this link. Where the marquee is always scrolling.