Looking for some ease, exporting in bulk

Hey there, I’m a really new figma user, and I’m enjoying this app a whole lot :). I did a brief search to see if my question was specifically addressed, and I’m not sure it is. So…

I’ve created a huge canvas with dozens of individual graphical sketches in Figma, and everything I want to export is organized as a carefully-named group in the “layers” section on the left side. My hope in exporting is that I could select all the groups in that layer panel, and export all my groups as individual files. That’s not working out though – some groups export the way I’d expect, while other individual elements from groups are being exported as well.

Is there a way to organize Figma so that I could have a simple way of exporting all of my ideas? My goal is to be able to clump/group all of my elements in such a way, that I could select them and export… and have all the filenames that I intended…


Hello there, no worries

Select all the elements you want to export by mouse drag and then hit (Ctrl + G) or (CMD + G for mac) to make them a frame

Then select the frame and only export the frame you have selected. it should export all the layers and groups inside it

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That’s what I would expect as well. I wonder if what’s happening to me is a glitch/bug, OR if something I’m doing is incorrect.

In this video I:
(1) Select the three layers
(2) Make a Group
(3) Rename the group
(4) Attempt to export

My hope is that, upon making a group and naming it, the exported file would have that name. But in this case, Figma does not give me the option to export these three elements as one file… Just three separate files.



Hey there

1- make your layers a frame instead of groups, some how it’s better

2- don’t use Export shortcut, if you pat attention to the right sidebar, you can see the last option is Export :

— Simply select layer, hit export, choose the export file type and size and other setting , then hit export and choose your location

PS: I noticed this cat is a picture, make sure when you imported the cat the file wasn’t protective WebP format. I have seen problem with these formats before but not sure if there one entirely. Just use simple jpg and png

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Have good day