Looking for a way to connect text layers in master symbol file to text styles in team library

I’m trying to migrate a design system from sketch to Figma. I have the symbol and text style libraries set up, but I want to link the text layers in the symbol file to their original text styles.
I’ve tried the style organizer plug in, but some of our text styles are identical but under different names (for ease of use) and style organizer makes you merge all of the similar styles into one.
Design System Organizer would probably work but it is not free, so I’m looking for something similar.
I really don’t want to have to go layer by layer because the design system is huge.

(Also, a lot of plug-ins might work if the symbol file’s layers were converted to text styles, but the file is so large that none of the text style creator plug ins work. They just run forever.)

Hi Shannon, thank for reaching out to the community! After checking internally, the workflow to do this manually would be to select a layer where the style was attached, use ‘Select all with same text properties’ and then assign the right style from a published library. Hope it helps!