Long loading and going offline issue

Hi, I need a solution for these, thank you:

Before I changed my pc, every tab on Figma app was opening very quickly, but now it takes 1-2 minut to open.
Also, Figma apps goes offline often. When I’m going to close the app after a session, it tells me that I’m offline and my changes won’t be saved.

My internet connection is the same as it was on my previous pc.

Hey @Szymon_Kowalski, thank you for reaching out!

Can you try clearing out your cached files and see if that helps? And then try to force-quit the Figma Desktop app and restart it. Please follow these steps: Clear desktop app cache.

Also please try reinstalling to install the latest version of the app.

Can you let me know what is the model of your PC and the OS? Is your desktop app is running on the latest OS?

If possible can you try connecting via a different network (for example a mobile network), and check if the Desktop application is then working? This will help us narrow down the issue.

Please let us know if clearing the cache resolved the issue, happy to help further.