Logical Interactions conflict or what I am doing wrong?


While testing new features in prototyping, I’m trying to realise a simple action: decrease counter while clicking the button. Button should reflect the clicks and “disabled” state, when counter getting “0”.

Button is a component with variants. While clicking on it I want to change to variant of button from “Default” to “Active” (color changing).

So the prototype interaction set for the button is:
— Click: Conditional (decreasing counter and switching the button do “Disabled” when counter is getting “0”)
— Press: Change to… (switching the button to variant “Active” while pressing on it).

The issue is that button doesn’t work properly. First Press Interaction “freeze” it and the button do not turns back to variant “default” after click.

If I remove “Conditional” interaction from the button, “Press” interaction works fine.

So… I don’t understand that’s going on. Is it a bug or I made a mistake somewhere?

Test File in Figma is here

I added a second page to your file and fixed the interactive interactions. Select variants in the component set to see the interactions.

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It works! Thanks a lot!