Locking elements in FigJam should prevent option-drag copying

Currently in FigJam, you can option-drag copy (MacOS) elements even when they are locked.

This seems like intended behaviour, but it is really frustrating when running workshops. I create a lot of templates for people to work in, and then lock them. I expect those elements to be locked - meaning no interactions!

Multiple times a workshop, I or a participant will accidentally copy the template we are working in, rather than a sticky note or other element. It’s confusing, takes time to trouble shoot, particularly when zoomed in, and happens all the time.

If this is intended behaviour and it’s useful for others, then we need another solution to prevent unintended copying, maybe something like a template layer, or two-level locking (lock content, lock everything)

Hey @Christopher_Pearsell-Ross, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the frustration!

This definitely feels like something that we could improve that would benefit all FigJam users. We’ll pass this onto our FigJam team for future consideration.

Critical enhancement for us. Every quarter our Product team hosts around 100 leaders in a two-hour, open FigJam session, and no matter what we lock, things end up unlocked and in chaos as those leaders try to learn and interact with the board. Any updates on this enhancement since April 2024?