Lock section position

Sections are useful for organising the canvas. However, when I want to keep editing things within a section I keep selecting and moving the section accidentally.

Therefore, I would like to be able to lock the section position without locking the elements within the section.

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Hi @Daniel_Amann ,
Thank you for your feedback! Others in the community have requested something similar, I merged your topic with the other ones so we can gather all the feedback under the same topic.


I suggest anchoring the sections in place without locking the objects/frames inside them. It becomes tedious when I try to select frames and I accidentally move the whole Section.


Totally agreed! I just came here looking for this exact thing.

Sections are a great idea, but if I can’t drag to select frames within a section I can’t use them.

Totally +1. Can’t select a group of frames within a section is a pain.

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The new sections feature is good, but it could be better.

Before it came about, I was doing something similar with a locked frame to create an “Area” to group screens on top of. Sections achieve the same thing in an easier way, but…

The problem with sections is that if you lock them, you can’t access what’s inside of them. And if they aren’t locked, you risk accidentally selecting the section instead of the frame within it.

It seems if you’re at a certain zoom, then you can’t select it, but when I zoom out I keep accidentally moving things.

It would be great if sections remained locked until you clicked on the name tag in the top left corner. This could then activate editing the section.

Also, the name tag could be bigger :slight_smile:


Interesting, is it kind of like pinning a section at a location so it can’t be moved but you can still edit what’s inside?

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Yeah, exactly that. It should stay pinned and un-selectable until it’s unpinned. Perhaps until the user has clicked on the name tag in the top left corner.