Lock Mirror on Frame

I would like to have the mirror feature be locked to a specific frame so that i’m able to see direct changes on the device of choice.

What happens today; I select a frame that i want to view, go to edit another frame ( this could be a component ) and mirror switches aautomatically.

All i want is a way to hold the focus on the one frame until i say so. It would make life so much easier especially during meetings where changes are requested on the spot and the test device will then switch between too many different items which ends up distracting the stake holders. So much pain!


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I have needed this feature oh so many times. My use case, I want to preview a screen on my phone while tweaking a component on my laptop. Please look into it.

Much appreciated! Thanks

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Please please make this happens. Editing designs while trying to preview can be immensely annoying because of the unwanted switching.

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Just googled this, and presumed it was not possible. I have the same issues, am flicking between assets and in and out of the Design Library. I just want Mirror to lock to the Frame I am working with, I find it gets stuck and then I have to restart constantly.

Please make locking frames a feature!

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