Local variables bugs while playing a prototype in Figma mobile app


I observed a weird situation in the Figma Mobile app while playing a prototype, thinking this could be a bug. Anyone could help?

Please see in the screenshots an example.

What I tried to do: by clicking on the “Name 1” button in the “Name Screen”, assign the value of “Name 1” to a local variable “Bug Typed Name”, then navigate to the “Final Screen” and show the value of the variable “Bug Typed Name” (so, “Name 1”) in a text box.

What works well on both Figma desktop app and Figma mobile app (1st scenario):

If I pass the variable value from one screen to another “immediately”, like what is shown in the screenshots between the “Name Screen 1” Frame to the “Final Screen 1” Frame, it works correctly on both apps - desktop and mobile.

What works correctly only on Figma Desktop app, but DOES NOT work on the mobile app (2nd scenario):

  • If I add couple of “additional” frames between the “Name Screen” and the “Final Screen” frames (see the flow between “Name Screen 2” and “Final Screen 2” by passing 3 “additional screens”), the local variable value will be “forgotten” and “erased” while playing the prototype in the mobile app, so only the initial “String value” is shown in the “Final Screen 2”.

  • It seems that the variable will be lost systematically if there are 3 additional frames in the middle; if there are 2 additional frames, I believe I have seen some random behaviours (sometimes it works, sometimes not); if there is 1 single additional frame, it works fine though.

Please let me know if any additional info is needed, and let me know if this is a bug or I missed something?

Thank you in advance.


Did you find a solution to this? I’m dealing with the same problem.

Hi @Jen11,
I didn’t get any response from Figma. If you encounter the same problem, I think it must be a bug…

Temporarily, I applied a workaround which is adding some “recalls” of the variable values (sometimes with some constant values) every 2 or 3 screens…

The workaround makes the behind scene of the prototype quite messy. But hopefully it could work for you temporarily too.

Thanks for responding! That’s what I was thinking I might have to do. Thank you :slight_smile:

I found a work around.

I needed to pass an updated value for a Username variable, from screen 1 to the last as part of a signup flow, logged in page. It would reset to the variable default, dropping the updated value. This occurs once I introduce password/pin/photo etc.

I had to reconfirm the values on each frame change to maintain the intended result.

For context, I place all my Interactions on little ghost frames that I call, run and terminate automatically from the current frame as overlays. This means I can run interaction stacks as named functions, calling them when you need them.

This reestablishes the variables so they can persist past the multiple frame changes within the mobile app. Once the bug is patched I delete one interaction from the navigation buttons.