Local Variables: Add more hide options

Problem: A big list of options in the “Assign Variable” dropdown menu with different collection lists.

Idea: Add the ability to show/hide a collection from assigning at

  1. the right sidebar,
  2. local variables.

So Primitives collection will be shown only in Local variables (in Theme collection) and in the right sidebar in the “Assign Variable” dropdown menu, I will see only the list from my Theme collection.

A bit like the number scoping functionality? (That’s current only available for number variables)
So you can select where you want variables to show up?
Screenshot from 2023-06-29 10.02.58@2x

Yeah, something similar but for the whole collection instead of cherry-picking.

Yes! Honestly, i would be fine even if the Primitives collection could be collapsed so that i can find my tokens quickly without having to scroll through so many color primitives every time :slight_smile:


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