List text reverts back to predefined text, even though Text varible was changed in the componant copy

I have two components “Name List” which is a hover item, “List Template” is a component which is a drop down list, you can select arrow, list drops down and select an item, 3 states so pretty basic.
However, “List Template” uses “Name List” for its list item. " Name List" has a text property so i can change it for each list instance( or so i thought). “List Template” has similar properties. Each instance of “List Template” i can change the titles and the list heading which is the a grey box that says what you can do. I can changed “Name List” items in the “List Template” component.
The problem is that when i change the list items “Name List” in each instance, it reverts back to what i changed it too in the “List Template” when prototyping, doesn’t keep the new names. Any reason why this is happening

Hey Antonio_Bertagna, thanks for reaching out to the community! Would you mind sharing a video recording and a copy of your file? so that the community can try to replicate it. It will help us to better visualise what you intend to do! Thank you