Links in comments should be REAL links

… not fake elements that look like links.

The reason why is because someone posted a link to a Figma file inside a Figma comment, and when I tried to open it in a new tab (making sure I’m holding Cmd in macOS, same as Ctrl in Windows), it just opened in the same tab as the Figma file I’m currently viewing.

It’s also impossible to right-click the link and get a link-related context menu. It’s not possible to easily copy the link too. Right now what we get is a regular browser context menu.

Worst parts are:

  • The draft comment I wrote was completely lost because of this navigation. There was no warning, and it wasn’t saved to be restored later.
  • The back button doesn’t work. It doesn’t take me back to where I was. It just reloads the linked page, and then the back button is fully disabled. I had to go find the previous location myself manually.

PS: On that note: Please also reduce the label of long links to be truncated with ellipsis in the middle (max 2 lines).

As I inspected, I found that this seems stupendously easy to fix. The fake links are already using an anchor element. All you need to do is to add the href attribute to make them become real links. That’s what’s missing.

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Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback on Comments! We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.

About the link inside a Figma comment, can you clarify what you see on your end? (via a screenshot or a video recording). You should be able to click in the link, and it opens automatically in a new tab. Please check the screen recording here (example with an external link and a Figma Design link):