Links between pages in PDF export

I need to create internal linking PDF exports; a multipage document with a table of contents that provides links to the relevant pages.

If I use the link tool, the links generated in the exported PDF go to the web URL of the linked frames, and does not navigate to the page within the PDF. Using prototype linking does not generate any interactivity in the PDF at all.

It would be useful for either the prototyping tool or link tool to generate interactive internally-linked PDF exports.


Just to comment on Andrew’s idea, this is specially helpful when using Figma for slide decks.
Thank you!

This is possible to achieve with the Pitchdeck Presentation Studio plugin.

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Hello! it seems that links inside PDF exports (to external sites) crash adobe reader. Would be great if we could get these links to work properly for export :slight_smile:

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But if you want to merge, then you can use this tool merge PDF files.

Hi y’all. I m facing the same issue. Need to export to PDF and to keep interactivty links ( navigation in the document itself and external urls).

I know it is possible to use pitcheck plugin to do that. I did it a few times and now pitchdeck already require to buy a license. And it is way too much expensive considering the fact that i only need it to export interactivyt link in my PDF. $228 billed yearly just to export links ! Come on …

Please if anyone know a solution other than pitchdeck in figma to export PDF with interactivty links , let us know… There must be a solution in the native figma app to do that ?


Have you found a solution? We are in the same predicament and also find the cost too high for our occasional needs.

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This plugin does not preserve links. You have to make them again in the plugin itself