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How to link a textlink to a specific section to other screen, because there is no other option but to get the section link by ctrl+L and set prototype to open link which has a problem in opening that section link it takes time because Figma will preload again in order to go to that link. Is there an another way for this?

Hi @Ritche_Paz
It’s a trick but you can position an rectangle, with 0 opacity, above the part of the text you want to use as a link

(whenever I use this trick I always put a unique color (i.e: #f0f@0%) so if I ever want to modify it, it’s easy to find)

Let me know if it helped in your case.

thanks for the reply, this is not working because Figma only recognized to link and go to a specific section within a page and not to other page which is the limitation of scrollto interaction while now im just using the option open link which it will go the specific section of that page but not in prototype simulation. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @Ritche_Paz

Oh my bad.
You can trigger an action from somewhere in Page A to navigate to Page B and then on Page B add an interaction: After delay (set to 1ms) which will Scroll to the desired section of Page B

If Page B can be accessed from elsewhere (for example Page C) you can add a security check :

  • Create a boolean variable initiated at false (let’s call it fromPageA)
  • On the trigger from Page A add set fromPageA to true before the “Navigate to”.
  • On the After delay interaction from Page B:
    1. Add a condition that check if fromPageA == true
    2. Move the “Scroll to” in the if zone

thanks for the suggestion @Haroll , actually i have try that but it will not work because the scrollto function is limited only to interact within the page and this is bad because this is the limitation does Figma have for now, but i hope they will enhance it that it can scrollto other pages in a specific section.And the other thing also that what I notice they are some section that is grayed / inactive when you select to go in the part of your screen.

Hey, I’m sorry maybe I still haven’t understand what’s you’re trying to achieve.
So just to be sure :

There’s a link on page A, when clicked navigate to Page B and scroll to a section of that Page B, am I right?

thanks haroll yes this is the thing, the problem is not working still limited from prototype features of Figma.

I’m not sure where your problem occurs, so here is the details of how I made it :

  • CTA (blue rectangle) from page A got an On click interaction to Page B
  • Page B got an After delay interaction of 600ms including a Scroll to action to the desired frame (target in my case)

And there are the links for the Prototype and its Design file. (I cannot give a full access to the file but feel free to copy it to your drafts)

Hope it helps

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Yes this work, but this is an inconvenience approach.

Thanks @Haroll im using your solution now and duplicate other screen for theres no other way to do it. :innocent:

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