Link to layer or component not zooming in to selection via browser but works on desktop app

Right now I’m selecting layer or component > right click > Copy/Paste as > Copy Link to Selection.

When I click on the link and view it in the Desktop app, it properly zooms in to the selection but when viewing it in the browser, it’s not zoomed into the selection. It’s zoomed out to the whole frame that the selected layer is in.

Is this a bug? Anyone else experiencing this too?

Hey @Cindy_Tan – wanted to check in and let you know I filed a minor bug ticket on this, because I’m seeing some weird behavior when I try to replicate your issue.

Are these objects/layers/components within a frame, or are the just on the canvas?

Thanks for filing a bug ticket for this!
I’m noticing this happening with objects/layers/components within a frame. I haven’t tried it with items just sitting on the canvas.

Thank you! This is helpful to know – I was actually noticing this with both objects both in a frame, and just on canvas as well. I’ll update here when I get more info.

Hey @Cindy_Tan I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update you. There is a bug ticket that I filed for it, but I can’t guarantee that this will be reviewed or a solution pushed in the near future :disappointed: