Line arrow style not retained when updating branch from main file

I was working on a branch and was at a point I needed to update the branch with recent updates from the main file. When resolving the conflict between main & branch (it was the only conflict and was an entire Section that I had been working on in the branch) I chose Keep Branch, it kept everything as expected EXCEPT for all the arrow styles on lines that I had updated in that Section. I noticed the arrows weren’t displaying correctly in the branch window when viewing the conflict side-by-side, even though they were clearly a different style in the branch itself.

Another detail I just noticed is that the arrows show the expected arrow style in the side panel where you choose the arrow style, but in the design itself it was rendering as the style it was set to prior.

So in short, after updating the branch, there was a mismatch between the rendered arrow and what was selected in the side panel.